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Please all forum member could help me where i will be post/ask my query/question in this forum. i search but unable to find that where is that menu to start my thread/qyery

Dear @Usman_Ghani

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Hello - thank you a good post. We are sending small courier shipments from Pakistan and company is based in Karachi. All items are shipped from Sialkot. We have company registered as exporter and NTN number too. Now the bank al habib will not allowe us to to receive money without a weboc. For Weboc we need Sales tax (even our return will be NIL always as we dont sell/import/manufacture anything we are traders.

Everyone tells us sales tax is a pain and also if we need to deregister for some reason its pain in the arse?

We are a home based business and Indont think its illegal in Pakistan, is it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Dear @Kash_Jam

Thanks for asking your valuable question here.

You must need to have WEBOC trading Licence if you want to trade international even if you have home based business and its not illegal but you must need to have a registered company and WeBOC to receive your payment in your account, You can check required documents detail for WEBOC registration in below provided link,


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Thanks for your kind reply.

we are import following pharmaceutical active raw material most frequently:
Secondly, we import all following material either from India or china only.

Iron Sucrose


Dear Sir,

Please Read Table “A” Page # 35 to 39 Table ‘‘B’’ Page # 39 to 42 and Table ‘‘D’’ 47 to 49.
If your items fall in above Tables then 5th schedule is apply.



Hi, I have business office in lahore but my business bank account is in different city so it will be problem for get Weboc?


Yes. You will likely run into problems therefore open an account at a Lahore based branch. As the same bank account will be used for overseas funds transfer to your vendors when importing goods from them.


There will be any problem for weboc if I have new business bank account?


Or just change address with my bank.


Hi @Nawabimporters

We replied to your direct mailing address for your Questions :slight_smile:

Plz check on it and let us have your response.


How about if company is new and have new bank account so how the compnay can show bank transactions?


Hi @Nawabimporters

Thanks for your Valuable question.

You have to give a request letter to FBR regarding your new company and mention your true reasons that you are facing to apply for WEBOC.

Hope it will resolved and you’ll have your login ID soon :slight_smile:


Yes, this is a valid question, you may ask them it’s a newly registered company, so you can just give 1 month statement etc.


There will be any problem for weboc if I have new business bank account?

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Please tell me if it is important to have hs code on invoice


Hi @Nawabimporters

Sir its good to have the HS Codes on invoice to clarify the commodity and its uses while the custom clearance. However its not a major and compulsory requirement.

Hope you got the point. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to know, how can one change the address on WEBOC portal after the registration is completed and login details have been furnished to consumer.


I have read your all post/blogs etc which are very informative.
I have a company with NTN and bank account. Now we want to import tractors from UK or else…we have no knowledge how to import tractors for personal use. Let us guide either we personally get import by filing all documents or through any company. Please guide us


Dear @Altaf_Lashari

Please visit to our LHE Head office for detial discussion and proper guidance.

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