Shipping from UK and holland


Do you provide the service of having my order picked and shipped from let’s say Holland and UK? Most suppliers I have come across are asking me to arrange for the products to be picked.



First of thanks for your query, please note we are not a ‘courier’ company, we are a cargo company, and min., shipment accepted by the airlines is 45kgs, also you have to be a fully registered importing company with NTN, STN, WEBOC etc.


Yes I’m aware that you’re a cargo company. Kindly check email. I am a registered private limited company and registered with weboc


I’m enquiring about ex works. Do you provide that? And I was told that anything about 2. 5 kg will have to go through custom clearance. My orders will all be 10 to 20 kg but may have big boxes and take up space. I wanted to know if you provide ex works from Holland and USA


Yes we do provide EXW from all countries including USA and Holland. However smaller shipments may not be very cost effective. Please share complete shipment details with pick up location to our email.


How you people can be approched…have you address in lahore for visiting there


Dear @Altaf_Lashari

Please check our Website we are located in Lahore.
Kindly make a call before coming to arrange a meeting with suitable time.

Thank You :slight_smile: