Required Import Duty Details

Assalam u alaikum to all
Please provide information related to import duties (custom duty, ACD, sales tax, income tax) on 2 commodities

  1. A4 copy paper imported from Thailand
  2. Jute yarn imported from Bangladesh.

I have a sole proprietorship company and ia being registered in Sales Tax also.

Hope you will reply as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Yes i have got registered in weboc.

I wan to import this HS.code. 9401719000, it’s stainless steel chair thanks

Custom Duty 20%
Additional Duty 1%
GST 17%
Additional GST 1%

Income tax is 9% for non filers and 6% for filers using advance Income tax Sro

What are the customs tarrifs polyester yarn import from china

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