Registration of imported good



I want to import cosmetic products in Pakistan (HS code- 33049990). I want to know that those products has to be registered with any regulatory body before importing it into Pakistan?



Dear @Sonal

You can import any Cosmetic Product into Pakistan but you have to full fill all kind of required docs of Pak Customs, If your Cosmetics are medicated you have to arrange DRAP (Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) Certificate and PSQCA (Pakistan Standard & Quality Certification Authority) Certificate (If Required by Customs). You need to provide all kind of documents which will be required by the customs as per your commodity.


Hi Adil,

A big thanks to you for always helping me out.

Just a quick question, if cosmetic product is not medicated then does it has to be registered with any regulatory body? (I will provide all the documents required by customs).



Hi @Sonal

We really appreciate your kind interest :slight_smile:

As per your Question, Most of Cosmetic Products does not required registration in any regulatory body, You just need to provide all documentations required by the customs to get it released.