Packaged Items Shipping from USA to Karachi By Sea 408 KGS

City: Lahore
Incoterms: EXW
Transport Mode: Sea
Volume: 408 Kgs
Origin: Lexington, Ky, USA


Need to ship items packaged in cartons with the size of each carton 15"x16"x22" and weigh 18 pounds each. In total there are 50 cartons like this. Need to be shipped from Lexington, Ky, USA to Lahore, Pakistan or Karachi Pakistan.

Please get back to me with a quote and shipping times as well.

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better to visit official shipping companies website portal to get exact quote.

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Hi @Jack_Arln

This is a public customer support forum, for TronGlobal (Private) Ltd. We do not share any precise information or price quotes here.

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