Large scale re-shuffling across Pakistan Customs Service


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified large-scale reshuffling in Pakistan Customs Service (PCS). The move is aimed at expediting the process of reforms, a statement said on Monday.

As many as 48 officers of Grade-17 and Grade-18 have been reshuffled across Pakistan.
An official said transfers and postings of officers was anticipated as a number of officers are joining management courses. Moreover, a number of officers would be promoted to higher grades at the upcoming central selection board (CSB) meeting.

Formations have been restructured with directives to carry out their responsibilities in a professional manner to improve the functioning of the FBR.

Sources said transfers and postings of bureaucracy at the FBR would have been earlier, but the board was awaiting clearance reports of officers by the intelligence agencies.
The sources also said that intelligence reports have gained weightage in the criteria of transfers / postings of officers.