Inquiry about import of a traditional medicine from Malaysia


Respected sir,
I’m starting a business as an importer of a nutritional supplement from Malaysia.
I need information about custom duties and other taxes.
product HS code is 2160909990

Details of taxes on import of Nutritional supplements/ traditional medicine (non-drug)


Kindly note, we are not handling supplement. Unless you are a proper registered company with WEBOC and can get DRAP permission letters. Which is unlikely in your case, as it’s very very lengthy procedure. we regret to be of not service in this regard.


I want to import a traditional medicine ( which is a non-drug item) from Malaysia.
HS code 2160909990
I want complete details of taxes and shippment charges from Karachi port to nearby railway stations Karachi.


Dear @FarwaShoaib

Please see below Custom Duty Structure.

The exemptions and conditions are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

Description:- Food Supplement (Traditional medicine)

PCT CODE:-2106.1090

Quantity of unit:- KGS

Regulatory duty@20.00%
Custom duty@20.00%
Sales tax@17.00%
Income tax@ 6.00%
Additional custom duty@2.00%

Pakistan Import Policy:-
Any edible product not fit for human consumption is Banned.
2.) Certificate of health fitness for human consumption from Country of Export is required.
3.) All edible products ‘‘shell have at least 50% of shelf life’’.
4). Country of Export Halal Certificate is required on import of ‘‘All Edible Products’’.