Importing feed quality broken rice from thailand


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What will be import cost for importing the feed quality broken rice to Karachi Pakistan.
The HS code of the product is. 1006.4000

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Dear @buriro

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Please see below detail of Custom Duty,

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Description:- Broken Rice

PCT CODE:- 1006.4000

Quantity of unit:- KG
Custom duty@11.00%
Sales tax@17.00%
Income tax@ 6-9.00%
Additional custom duty@1.00%

Import Policy: Importable, If fit for human consumption, edible products shall have at least 50% of shelf life.


  1. Custom Duty@ 5%.00 on import of goods- Broken rice under SAFTA.
  2. Cereals and products of milling industry, Sale Tax is Exempted on under import from SAFTA.

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Thank you very much for the response. it really helped.

Can we import the broken rice from India as per latest policy of Pakistan ? or it is banned ?

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Dear @buriro

Importable from India.

Please see below Conditions and Requirements,

  1. As per Appendix B part 1 Serial 13, on import of “All edible products” Certificate of Health/Fitness for human consumption from Country of Export is required.
  2. As per Appendix B part 1 Serial 13, on import of “All edible products” shall have at least 50% of shelf life.
  3. As per Appendix A serial 5, Import of “Any edible products not fit for human consumption” is Banned.