Import tractor from Europe and tractor assessories from India


We want to purchase tractor from UK and other Europe countries and then import to pakistan…Tron Global can facilitate us to pick the tractor and deliver to us after clearing all the custome duties etc…
Similarly…we also want some information that we have some accessories that would be purchased from India of total under 100 kg. What will the procedure…

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Dear @Altaf_Lashari

Thanks for your kind inquiry.

This is a public customer support forum, for TronGlobal (Private) Ltd . We do not share any precise information or price quotes here. please use this form instead.

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Its cant imagine that esteem company how much care about their valued customers…lets speak to get knowledge about topics by others…waiting

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Hi @Altaf_Lashari

Regret to say this is just a customer’s knowledge based form and we don’t post any precise information here. If you need any further assistance regarding pricing and detail information please go to below and send us your Inquiry.
We’ll share all your required details to your direct mailing address.

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How can we will get information that either any is banned or we cannot import it…
Moreover is it necessary to mention the HS codes on invoice and is it true that custom authorities assess the customs duties on basis of invoice…
One more question is here…
Tractor HS is 8701.9220.
But we people import tractors in dismantle condition…the custom duties will charge to tractors or to its wholly parts.