Import of Vet Nutritional Medicines


Can i import vet nutritinal medicines from china under a general import registered company or should i must have special licence for it ? And how much duty in these items ?

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Dear @Nav

Thanks for your kind inquiry,
You must have your personal import WeBOC Licence as a trader or you have to arrange it at your own.

Please see below Custom duty structure .

The exemptions and & condition are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

Description:- OTHER

PCT CODE:- 2309.9090

Quantity of unit:- KG

Custom duty@20.00%
Sales tax @17.00%
Income tax@ 9.00% (FOR NON FILER)
Additional custom duty @1.00%

PAKISTAN IMPORT POLICY:- As per appendix N serial 8, PSQCA’s conformity Assessment result certificate is Required on import of items of “Balanced feed mixture of livestock”

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If concerned documents regarding the import product are available then Is there any sevice available to get PQCSA approval or it has to be done by importer ?


And do you entertain LCL and door to door delievery or only deal in FCL ?