Import of led bulbs and led panel lights from china

Hi, I am interested in importing led bulbs bulbs (5W, 7W, 9W, 12W) and led panel lights (6W & 12W) from China. For importing led bulbs I have two options whether to import the finished product directly or import skd which includes all the parts and assemble the bulb in pakistan. Pls advise what will the taxes and duties for both of these options.

Secondly, I read somewhere that led panel are exempted from duty and taxes upto 60 volts DC. Usually led panel lights operate at 5 to 12 volts DC and a current driver is provider alongwith which regulate our normal voltage 220VAC to required DC voltage. So, will it be possible for me to to import these panel lights without driver for exemption and import the driver seperately. Pls advise what will be the duties and taxes in both of these cases?


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  1. Custom Duty Structure

The exemptions and & condition are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

Description:- LED LIGHTS

PCT CODE:- 9405.1090

Quantity of unit:-KGS

Custom duty@20.00%

Regulatory duty@50.00%

Sales tax@17.00%

Income tax@ 9.00%

Additional custom duty@1.00%

  1. Exemption of Custom Duty

(i) Exemption of Custom Duty @0% on(i) SMD/LED/LVD lights with or without ballast, fittings and fixtures -items for promotions of renewable energy technologies or for conservation of energy.

(ii) Concession of Custom Duty @5% other under Pak-China EHP.

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