Import duty and taxes


I want to know about how much import duty and taxes is levied on imported goods from India to Pakistan, mainly cosmetic products that are meant to be used by doctors after plastic surgery, laser treatment etc on their patients.

And also on Anti-aging creams.


Dear @Sonal

Thanks for your kind Inquiry,
Please see below detail of Custom Duty,

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Description:- Medicated Beauty Products - Other

PCT CODE:- 3304.9990

Quantity of unit:- KG
Custom duty@20.00%
Sales tax@17.00%
Additional Sales Tax@03.00%
Income tax@ 6-9.00%
Additional Custom duty@1.00%
Regulatory Duty@ 50.00%

Required Certifications: 1) PSQCA (Pakistan Standard Quality Certification Agency) Required.
2) DRAP (Drugs Regulatory Authority Pakistan) Certificate might required.

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Thanks a lot Adil for your help. It is very helpful.

Also if you could help with the calculation of taxes:
a) Custom duty is calculated on what value?
b) Sales Tax is calculated on what value?
c) Income tax is calculated on what value?
d) Additional Custom duty is calculated on what value?
e) Regulatory duty is calculated on what value?

And the calculation are done on per kg invoice value or per unit invoice value?


Dear @Sonal

All Custom Duty Taxes are applicable on your Invoice Value of Goods,


a) Is invoice Value inclusive of Freight and insurance charges?
b) As an example if the invoice value is 100 inclusive of fright and insurance then will the above taxes be calculated as:

Custom duty- 20
Regulatory duty- 50
Sales tax- 17
Income tax- 6-9
Additional custom duty- 1


Dear @Sonal

Value of Goods+Freight+Insurance is equal to your Total Value of Invoice,

As per your example if the total invoice value is $100 and custom duty as below,

Custom duty- 20
Regulatory duty- 50
Sales tax- 17
Additional Sales Tax- 3
Income tax- 6
Additional custom duty- 1

           Total = 97%

Its mean you have to pay $97 as custom duty.


Thanks you so much Adil. It helped a lot.


Hi Adil,

Does Tron Global has any associate office in India?


Dear @Sonal

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Hi Adil,

I wanted to know if there are trade restrictions between India and Pakistan in case of Cosmetic Products?


Dear @Sonal

There is no restrictions between India and Pakistan Trade of Cosmetics and Beauty Products but you have to arrange all required documentation and Certificate (If required) against your Commodity.


Thanks a lot Adil.
You really helped me a lot.


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Hi Adil,

I want to know how the import duty and VAT is calculated if I export cosmetic products from India to Nepal. (And those cosmetic goods are imported to India from Singapore).

Waiting for your quick response.



Hi Adil,

Aplogies for troubling you again and again.

Just a quick question.

If goods are imported in India from SIngapore, then can it be exported to Pakistan? (No value addition has been done on those goods)

Thanks a lot.


Hi @Sonal

We can share the information with you which is only based on Pakistan Custom Tariff and IPO/EPO.


Hi Adil,

Can you tell me if imported cosmetic goods has to be registered with any regulatory body in Pakistan?
Or I can import it without registering those cosmetic products in Pakistan?



Dear @Sonal

You can import any Cosmetic Product into Pakistan but you have to full fill all kind of required docs of Pak Customs, If your Cosmetics are medicated you have to arrange DRAP (Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) Certificate and PSQCA (Pakistan Standard & Quality Certification Authority) Certificate (If Required by Customs). You need to provide all kind of documents which will be required by the customs as per your commodity.


Thanks Adil.

Also, if you could help me by providing the contact details of CHA (Clearing house agents) in Pakistan who are specialized in Cosmetic products?


Hi Sonal,

We are also specialist in Cosmetics Custom Clearance.
You can drop your Inquiry by Clicking below provided link, We’ll Quote you your price detail to your direct mailing address.