HS Codes and Duty Charges


I would like to import few Supplements from UK and need help in regards with the HS Codes and Duty of these products, hope u could help

Whey Protein (Flavoured & Un-flavoured)
BCAA (Branch Chained Amino Acid)
Egg Protein Powder ( Egg whites)
Pancake protein Powder ( Flavoured)


Dear Sir,

Thanks for your inquiry,
Please see below Custom duty structure .

The exemptions and & condition are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

Description:- Whey Powder

PCT CODE:- 0404.1010

Quantity of unit:- KG

Custom duty@20.00%
Sales tax @17.00%
Additional Sales tax @3.00@
Income tax@ 9.00%
Additional custom duty @1.00%

Import Policy:
Health Cert. In Forum-IV issued by an authorized Vet. Officer of country of export: Importable, If fit for human consumption, free from Haram, and edible products have at least 50% of shelf life, Importable, If importer an industrial concern.