Garlic fresh custom duty and taxes with clearance

Product: Fresh Garlic
Origin : China
Hs Code :0703.2000

I want to know the customs duty, Regulatory Duty and Sales tax on the import of Garlic from China to Karachi, Pakistan. Also income taxes and additional taxes.
I have heard Sales tax is exempt on import of Garlic from China under the Sixth Schedule please confirm.

PCT CODE: 0703.2000
Short Description: Garlic
Main Description: Onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and other: -Garlic
UoM: Kg
Customs Duty: 0%
Additional CD: 0%
Sales Tax: 0%
Value Addition Tax: 3%
Advance Income Tax: 6%

Edible products are Importable if fit for human consumption and have at least 66% of shelf life calculated from the date of filing of Import General Manifest/Carrier Declaration [[Sr. Nos. 13(i) & 13(iii), Part-1, Appendix-B, SRO 345(I)/2016 dated 18th April, 2016]]
Importable subject to valid import permit, valid phytosanitary certificate and plant protection release order of Department of Plant Protection, MNFSR [[Part-III, Appendix-B, SRO 345(I)/2016 dated 18th April, 2016]]

Valuation Ruling No. 1339/2018 dated 26-10-2018.

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