Duty Structure of computer,Laptop

You were ripped off. Customs assume their own value if they suspect the declared value is wrong.

$750 laptop should have total customs cost of about Rs 14000 or less.

Dear Brother,

I read all of the information in this thread which is very informative and before reading it these duty and taxes things, they were just scared the hell out of me. Coming to my point…

A friend of mine sending me a laptop from USA which cost approx 300,000 PKR and the shipping would be approx 20,000 PKR through DHL / USPS. So the total value would be approx 320,000.

After using your method mentioned in the above thread i believe the total money I have to pay to government of Pakistan is approx 28,000 PKR since I am a filer.

Would you please confirm:

  1. If this is the correct amount I have to pay or are there any hidden or additional costs?
  2. What if they ask for any additional amount which was not mentioned in the method shown above in your thread.

looking forward to hear from you


Normally customs would assess brand new laptops @ approx $750-$1000 (depending on brand/specs) in case no price is mentioned, otherwise if the price mentioned is higher than at what they normally assess, then of course they charge duty accordingly, and I don’t think they would be asking more, since your price is higher than their normal valuation.

@imran.jafri thank you for your reply. I appreciate.

To whoever can inform me, that is, if this thread is still active,

My relative is to ship a laptop priced at 1450$ to Pakistan from the US as a gift to me for personal use, i called a customs officer and he said the 17% sales tax is applicable, which would blow up the final price incredibly. Is it actually applicable?

Thank you

I forgot to tag the support parties,

I would really appreciate information. It’s been a really confusing few months

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Hi, I want to import 30 refurbished laptops in Pakistan from Austrilia , so what I need to know the air freight charges and shipment duty structure of 30 pcs
Qty: 30 Pcs
Unit Price: 20,000
Invoice Value: 600,000

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@asad.ali adding for assistance.

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Dear @tahseen_abbas

Thanks for your Inquire.

Please see below Custom Duty Structure.

The exemptions and conditions are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

  1. Description:- Laptops

PCT CODE:-8471.3010

Quantity of unit:-Units

Custom duty@3.00%
Sales tax@00.00%
Income tax@5.5.00% FOR FILER/ @11.00% FOR NON-FILER
Additional custom duty@2.00%

Sales Tax Exempted Ref:- 6TH SCHEDULE SERIAL NUMBER 131


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I am new and first time planning to buy used laptops from UK.
laptops =24
Price = 1500 USD
Posting cost by plane =360 USD
total =1860 USD to deliver to home in pakistan
That guy is saying that there is no custom to be paid ? is it true?
If there is custom to be paid then what is that ?
Many thanks in advance

Dear @shahid,

Thanks for your inquire.

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