Domestic stuff - Dubai to Lahore



Can you please answer the following questions?

  1. Do you provide door to door cargo services (domestic stuff) from Dubai to Lahore, Pakistan?

  2. If yes for point 1, what’s the right way to contact you locally here in Dubai to discuss the service charges, etc?



Dear Sir,

Please see below Procedure for Import of Personal Baggage.

1. Personal baggage : Filling of Goods Declaration under section 79 of the Custom act 1969 accompanied with the following documents namely.
( a ) . Purchase receipt;
( b ) . Bill of Landing dated not latter than 120 days from the date of arrival in Pakistan of the applicant: and
( c ) . Attested photocopy of passport or Pakistan Origin Card(original passport or Pakistan Origin Card required to be checked by customs at the time time of clearance.

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