Custom on Whey Protein

Sir i want to import Whey Protein and shaker my packet weight will bhi round about 1.3 kg What will be coustom on my packet ?
Price for my packet is 4300 Rs


Dear @Yasir_Khan

Thanks for your inquiry,
Please see below Custom duty structure .

The exemptions and & condition are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

Description:- Whey Powder

PCT CODE:- 0404.1010

Quantity of unit:- KG

Custom duty@20.00%
Sales tax @17.00%
Additional Sales tax @3.00@
Income tax@ 9.00%
Additional custom duty @1.00%

Import Policy:

Health Cert. In Forum-IV issued by an authorized Vet. Officer of country of export: Importable, If fit for human consumption, free from Haram, and edible products have at least 50% of shelf life, Importable, If importer an industrial concern.
DRAP (Drugs Regulatory Authority Pakistan) certificate required.
ADC ( Additional Drugs Certificate) Required.

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Dear Mr. Mohammad Adil,

If someone wants to import and sell it in the market, doe she has to apply for the DRAP certificate?

Have a feeling, some of the sellers aren’t using any of the certificates or so. Please suggest.



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Hi @Nazim_Hussain

DRAP is mandatory requirement for all local and commercial importers.
No one clear the following goods without proper docs and required certificates by customs.

You need to arrange the ADC and DRAP for smooth clearance from Pak Customs.

Dear sir
Contact me if u wanna buy my protein in pakistan without custom low price cash on delivery

I want to know if there is any type of tax on import of beverages like energy drinks.

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