Custom duty on computer parts

So my relative from the US is going to send me parts for the computer that I’m gonna build here in Pakistan. Parts include CPU, Graphics card, Motherboard and RAM. Total weight is expected to be around 5KG. They’re gonna send the parts through a courier service probably UPS. So I was wondering if I’ll be asked to pay custom duty on those parts? I did some research and found out computer parts are exempted from custom duties in Pakistan but still wanted to check the authenticity here.

Will appreciate your help.

looping in @asad.ali

Dear @Salman2

Please see below Custom Duty Structure.

The exemptions and conditions are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

1) Description:- Computer parts

PCT CODE:-8471.7090

Quantity of unit:-Units

Custom duty@3.00%
Sales tax@17.00%
Income tax@5.5.00%(FOR ATL) @11.00% (NON ATL)
Additional custom duty@2.00%

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I have similar case. I was wondering if the computer parts were not exempted from sales tax in 2018-19 ? There is alot of confusion about it.

Dear @Anfal_Rizvi,

Sales Tax is applicable on computer parts.

Sales tax is exempt on computer parts subject to certain conditions.

Dear @arfan1984

Sales Tax is applicable on computer parts.

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Its exempt. Read 6th schedule of sales tax act.

Dear sir i have a question about sale tax .

  1. Dear sir who can calculate carry forward balance in sale tax return.
  2. who can calculate capacity of machine .
    3)show any sale tax return of private company for learning point of view.
    Name Muhammad Naeem Amjad
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This is a public customer support forum for Tron Global (Private) Ltd. We do not share any precise information or price quotes here. please use this form instead.

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