Custom duty and tax detail on import car from japan


Aslam o alaiqam,
Sir please give me the detail of cutom duty and taxes,documents on import car from japan,model is 2017,660cc.and if i import damage car is it same custom and tax.


Dear Sir,

Thanks for your kind Inquiry,
Please see below detail of Custom Duty,

The exemptions & condition are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

Description:- Vehicles

PCT CODE:- 8703.2329
Quantity of unit:- Unit
Custom duty@100.00%
Sales tax@17.00%
Income tax@ 6-9.00%
Additional custom Duty@2.00%
Federal Excise@ 10.00 %
Regulatory duty@ 80.00%
Import Police:-
(1) . Not Importable in second hand condition (Limit 3 Years)
(2) . Not Importable from India.
(3) . Certification by Original Equipment Manufacture (OME) that the Vehicle waas built proof.
(4) . NOC of Ministry of Interior is required on import of ''Bullet proof vehicles.