Clearing Time By Customs


Description:- GARLIC
PCT CODE:- 0703.2000.

If I import a 40 feet Reefer container, how many days can I expect it to be cleared by Pakistan customs.
I simply want to know expected clearing time Sir,
can you please respond.
I have heard that it takes 2 weeks to be cleared is it right because the cargo is vegetables so I am little confused, I am planning to import this month. So your help will be much appreciated Sir.


Dear @Adm123

Thanks for your inquiry,
Please see below Custom duty structure .

The exemptions and & condition are mentioned for guidance purpose only.

Description:- Garlic
PCT CODE:- 0703.2000
Quantity of unit:- KG
Custom duty@3.00%
Sales tax @17.00%
Income tax@ 9-6.00%
Additional custom duty @1.00%

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