Black pepper or white pepper


i want to buy black pepper from Vietnam please tell me the custom duties and taxes. HS CODE 0904-1110


Adding @asad.ali to assist.


Dear Sir,

Please see below Custom duty structure
The Exemptions & Conditions are Mentioned for Guidance purpose only.

Description:- Black Pepper
PCT CODE:- 0904.1110
Quantity of unit:-KGS
Custom duty@3.00%
Sales tax@17.00%
Income tax@ 6.00%

  1. Import subject to compliance of Phytosanitary requirements and drawing of samples and testing quality by Department of Plant Protection and Federal seed Certification Agency of Minsitry of national and research Government of Pakistan.
  2. Any edible product not fit for human consumption is Banned.
  3. Certificate of health fitness for human consumption from Country of Export is required.
  4. All edible products ‘‘shell have at least 50% of shelf life’’.
  5. As per Appendix B part I serial 3 , on import of all species of plants and parts thereof whether living or dead, stems, branches, tubers, bulbs, corms, stock, budwood, layers, slips, suckers, green scum, on stagnant pool, leaves fruits rhizomes etc.’'Cert

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