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First i want to thanx tron esp Azhar who handled my toys query very well and provided me all details on email and clarify it.Any way can start services esp for new and small importers who want to import from china from getting it their warehouse till our door step??as getting shipper for under 50 kg with good rates,than finding it duty slave than handling customs and clearing its so much headache for new and small traders.Not only it will add new dimension in tron services its also good image for promoting Pakistan business.That service can be extend to other countries also for exporters if possible


@kkaexport thanks for the time to review our services, in the past we did try to facilitate, new importers, who may not have all the required registrations as yet, however for sometime, Govt. has made very strict changes the way imports in particular are handled into Pakistan… We still assist in this way, but it just has become a more tedious job, moreover, very small shipments, tend not be very cost-effective, where the market pricing for the said items is very competitive, however if it’s not a very common product or does not falls into a very competitive market, we believe, we can still assist with it… from pickup in an overseas point to your door step in Pakistan.

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