A4 paper import


hello sir,
as I read the topics regarding A4 paper import .please can you clarify me what type of problems we can face if we import A4 paper from Thailand ,u mean the container will delay on port for clearance or what,because as I read the other topic you advised not to import the A4 paper.


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Here is a brief explanation for us not handling A4 paper, all items that are FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) are highly competitive, and most of the established importers in these fields, have very long experience in handling and importing them, it’s impossible they are ever going to ask us for a quote, they are specialist in their field more than us, over the period of many years, whenever a new comer wants to enter into a highly competitive market of FMCG and A4 falls into that, we have worked with them to prepare feasibility, spending endless hours to work it out … however at the end of the day, it won’t be feasible for a small/new importer, even if we decrease our margins in shipping/clearance down to pennies. So you can guess A4 paper is imported in hundreds of containers each month into Pakistan, and no matter what quote we provide you it’s never going to work out for you. Most of these importers are established, been involved in this business for decades, and each of them import it in ‘Bulk Volume’ like 10-40 containers a month. Trust that clarifies.


Dear Muhammad ,
do u have resolved your issue?
pl guides us.


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Dear @Nauman

There is no any issue, This is our company policy for some kind of commodities which we do not serve and Paper commodity is one of them, However if you have any other Inquiry except of paper commodity please share with us, We have a simple and fastest response way to serve you without any delay.

Please go to below link and fill our shipment inquiry form and submit one of us will get back to you asap.